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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Delivery in New Zealand, Including Wellington and Auckland

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At Vegebox we are all about making quality organic affordable food! We started as a group of families buying whole foods almost 40 years ago. Today, Chantal Organics is still family owned and committed to providing you the best for your family. We provide fresh fruit and vegetable delivery throughout New Zealand, including in Auckland and Wellington.

We love good organic food and we love it fresh, so we planted our own gardens. We now have two farms growing fresh vegetables within 10 km of where we pack your box. That cuts out all that extra transport which costs more and ages your veges. Whether you live in Wellington, Auckland, or the rest of New Zealand, you can now get home delivery of fresh organic fruit and vegetables that truly is from farm to fridge.

Is your garden in Auckland or Wellington too small for a vege patch or some fruit trees?

Want a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery to your door every week?

Feel free to think of our garden as yours.

Passionate about organic, local fresh fruit and veg, Vegebox is all about sharing the benefits healthy food farmed in a sustainable way with everyone, and not just talking about how good it is. We would love you to join the Vegebox family help us spread the word. So if you’re in Auckland, Wellington, or anywhere else in New Zealand for that fact, sign up for fresh fruit and vegetable delivery and enjoy the best organic food our land can produce.

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  • We hope everyone is safe after the shake! Due to the quake all Vegeboxes going to Wellington and the South Island will be delayed. We will reassess tomorrow. Any queries please email Lisa at . Keep safe all!

  • Just order my first box can't wait till it get here

  • After all the rain our onions growing fast in the sunshine.