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Office Fruit Box

Fruit Box Delivery for Auckland and Wellington Offices

Old stereotypes about callous bosses and drab workplaces aside, there’s any number of reasons for an employer to be invested in the wellbeing of workers at their office. Studies have repeatedly proven that health and morale are two of the most important and highly impactful factors in determining employee productivity, and looking out for your employees generates a sense of goodwill and general camaraderie which very few bosses would turn down, given the chance. Well, the chance to harness that positive, healthy energy is here now; with organic office fruit supplies available in weekly deliveries from NZ’s own Chantal Organics – fresh to your office in Auckland or Wellington.

Get your corporate fruit box delivered straight to hungry employees

The office fruit boxes, available through the popular Vegebox service, contain a bountiful selection of fresh produce from organic New Zealand farms. Your corporate fruit box will soon become an institution among employees. In a modern work climate where lifestyles wear down on health and happiness, many an employee can find themselves showing up to the office without managing breakfast. In corporate environments like Auckland and Wellington, the sight of a colourful and nutritious organic workplace fruit drop can feel like a godsend. You can do a lot with a little health when you sign up for your weekly office fruit supplies with Vegebox.

Grow a sustainable corporate culture with our workplace fruit drops

Vegebox and Chantal Organics are, like our office fruit supplies, a fast-growing product of New Zealand. Naturally, we’re determined to spread the benefits and the cause of organic farming across the Auckland and Wellington regions, recently acquiring more farm area so we can supply fruit and veggies to New Zealanders every week. We have a strong no-chemical, no-pesticide stance; and will continue to educate the public on both the benefits of healthy eating and the advantages of organic farming.

Supporting Chantal Organics through the Vegebox program is a great way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to both healthy lifestyle and nutritional awareness, as well as benefitting farmers who subscribe to sustainable organic practices to keep our land healthy. Make your order online today or contact Vegebox by calling 06 843 2114 – or through Facebook.