Organics fresh to you


Who are you?

We are growers and wholesalers of organic and natural produce and goods. We love organics so much that we started two farms locally supplying our boxes and wholesale business enabling year round supply of our seasonal produce. We hope you have heard the name, we are Chantal Organics.

Is this all certified organic?

At Vegebox we pack only certified organic or natural produce. We will not sell you anything that we think has come in contact with synthetic sprays, fertilizers or other synthetic chemicals. We are committed to organic principles and wish to see your family thrive on the same good food we feed our kids!

Where does my produce come from? Is it local?

Our aim is to have the widest range of all organic produce possible delivered to your door with the least amount of food miles possible. That means we will source organic produce that is grown closest to our Vegebox premises before we look further afield. Most of our produce comes from the Hawke’s Bay, but things like kiwifruit are mostly grown in the Bay of Plenty and Canterbury is uniquely suited to growing organic winter carrots.

We also need to have consistent supply at quantities that are large enough to meet our needs and ensure our growers make a livelihood, that means we build long term relationships with trusted organic growers in areas of the country that are most suited to production for that crop.

Where’s my Mango?

We source bananas from overseas and occasionally some staples when unavailable locally, the rest of our box is a seasonal selection of fruit and vege grown in New Zealand. Click here for seasonal availability.

How do I cook this?

Being organic can mean being adventurous, get ready to find some interesting produce from time to time. Often we grow heirloom varieties as these have better taste or different colours, we also wish to save the seeds and see strong biodiversity in our gardens. Some of the produce you will experience with Vegebox is highly sort after by chefs and so we aim to provide a recipe for you to try. Please tell us about how your family enjoyed it. Click here for Recipes and click here to Facebook your experiences.

What effect do public holidays have on deliveries?

Everyone has a day off of course! We will resume orders the day after the public holiday, so you will receive your order a day later. This might mean keeping an eye on when you are ordering, but so will we and we will do our best to ask if it looks complicated (i.e. you live in the south island and it’s a short week).

Can I recycle?

Our cardboard boxes are suitable for recycling, while the produce is packed in a plastic liner to ensure it arrives in the best condition possible.

Can I choose what’s in my box?

Not at this stage, rather we are trying to give a wide variety of produce to suit most people’s tastes and normal buying choices (with some unusual extras). We will also vary what goes into the box from week to week to keep your taste buds on edge.

I don’t normally buy this…

One of the benefits of us making the selection of produce for you is that your culinary boundaries are extended. New ways to eat new things, it’s exciting and means you introduce vitamins and minerals that your body will thank you for. We do endeavour to provide you some imaginative ways of preparing our goodies, please click here for recipes.

Why do I have a slug on this?

Our apologies! We do endeavour to provide you fabulous fresh produce straight from the fields free from extras, but sometimes they slip through. Organic production methods often use one bug to control the population of another bug, so we naturally have many more bugs present than a chemical farmer who simply kills everything with a pesticide. It is our aim to wash and remove all of these free loaders, but sometimes stowaways do catch a ride.

Sometimes I get the same produce every week?

We do our best to give you a wide variety of produce, each week to suit most people however sometimes we have less options available, so we have tried to give you creative ways of using our produce meaning meal times are always varied and exciting. Click here for recipes.

My box got crushed by the courier, what should I do?

We take every care possible to ensure your Vegebox arrives safely (including reinforced cardboard boxes and labelling) so if your box arrives in a poor condition please call us to discuss. Click here for contact details.

Can I leave the courier special instructions about where to deliver my box?

Yes! Under delivery address (stage 2 of the checkout) you can give a short (30 characters) description of any special instructions.

I liked my Vegebox, how can I tell my friends?

Glad you like it, please LIKE US on Facebook or email us out to everyone. You can even buy a box for someone and have it delivered to their house – it’s a nice way to say thanks to someone.