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We all live in a hectic world more and more separated from the land. That makes it so much more important to find wholesome food. Chantal Organics began as a group of families doing just that and almost 40 years on we are still doing just that. Now we can share this with you.

We are passionate about eating, but we don’t want to eat any old thing. We believe in health, sustainability, and fairness, but also in affordability, so at Vegebox our goal is to make Quality Organic Food Affordable to everyone. Dedicated to the principles of organics and sustainability, we even started growing our own gardens. Now you can fill your fridge and feed your family with the fresh food that we feed ours.

With Vegebox online fruit and veg delivery, you know that when you eat our organic food, you’re feeding your body healthy ethical produce raised in harmony with nature. If you don’t have a garden, please share ours, it’s the next best thing!

Organic box delivery

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Has a strange fruit or veg turned up in your online organic box home delivery? Because we are organic, we are smaller scale than the big conventional farms ruled by supermarkets who only want to sell the main things that people know; this means we get to experience some of the lesser known treasures that our earth offers us. To fix that practical problem – check out our Facebook page where we offer some recipes. We would love you to post your recipes and experiences, even add some photos of how you and the kids enjoy your box each week – let’s have a bit of fun even at dinner time. Why not share your secrets of how you get your children to eat – a friend in need is a friend indeed.


Do you have something you can’t eat or love, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you, however we ask that you make only one request as often we are limited by availability especially in Winter. Thank you for understanding.