Organics fresh to you

Why Choose Organic

At Vegebox we are all about giving your family the best our land can produce which is why we choose organic.We believe the health of people cannot be separated from the health of the environment and we believe that Organic farming achieves this better than any other method. That means happy healthy families and ensures a healthy land for future generations.

So What Is Organic?

Organic produce is food produced from the soil, using methods aimed at being healthier for you.

Some definitions state organics are those foods produced with limited modern synthetic inputs, but Organic is much more. Organic encapsulates several principles, those of Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care.

At Chantal, the meaning of Organic is encapsulated by the word Stewardship. To be a good steward means to take care of and improve that which you are entrusted. To us that means how we farm, trade and care for both humans and the environment.

Organic principles are about caring for the environment and having a positive impact on everything. Organic farming begins with the soil and works to sustain and enhance the health of soil, plants, animals, humans and the planet. By treating the soil right we allow the soil the opportunity to be healthy. Health is the wholeness and integrity of living systems; it is not simply the absence of illness.

Please choose organic with us